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Sacred Nature Adventures on Maui
Discover Nature as Your Greatest Ally


The Nature of Hawaii is truly exquisite and is without doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Visitors come  from all over the world to avail themselves of the soul-replenishing, nourishing and rejuvenating energies of the warm ocean, to bask on the soft sand beaches, and to explore the island and it’s most popular hikes and waterfalls as found in the guide books.

Yet, for those who are drawn to dive deeper and experience a shamanic immersion in the sacredness and great mysteries of the Hawaiian land and to discover all the great gifts She has for you, I offer to be your private Soul Journey guide and  mentor for what will be sure to be a transformational journey.   We will make our way together to one of the many ‘secret’ sacred spots on the island that I know so well,  nearly all of which are completely unknown to tourists, and often unknown to locals too! As we walk, we'll remain in conscious awareness of the magic all around us, staying tuned in with all our senses to the subtle nuances of Mother Nature's gentle messages to us. Perhaps a particular tree attracts your attention as you pass.  As you 'listen' with your senses rather than just your mind, you may notice a feeling, or a thought, that calls you to return and sit under the tree a while.  You become open in the gentle, safe energies of Nature, far from the hustle bustle of life out there in the every day world.  Your senses open to receive far greater awarenesses, and often ideas and solutions to problems that never occured to you before, drop in to your awareness as clear and hopeful possibilities of a new way forward in your life.   Perhaps a bird suddenly starts singing a sweet song, just as you were having a particular thought.  Noticing this as a 'message' brings things to a whole new level.  Perhaps you feel it as an affirmation, a confirmation, a gentle warning in response to your thought.    Many of these beautiful and uplifting walks lead to amazing waterfalls and lakes to swim in, right in the middle of absolutely pristine, untouched Nature!  In these kind of places, it becomes easy to connect with the mirror of Nature as your greatest ally, and to ‘hear’ your Guidance and to open your heart. feeling utterly safe to do so.

Hawaii is one of the most powerful vortexes of higher frequency energetics of the world.  When we connect  consciously with Her, we are lifted up into her higher frequency which is the frequency of Love.  In this way, lower frequencies and negativities that have been creating obstacles to your happiness, begin to shift.  Miracles can and do truly happen through Nature! 

What will your Sacred Nature Adventure it look like?

Whether you are a single man or woman, or you are a couple,  together we’ll talk about what your needs, hopes and desires are, and your level of fitness too, and create the uniquely right sacred journey for you.   There are quite a few possibilities.    For instance, your Sacred Nature Adventure may be a half or whole day stand alone adventure, or perhaps it’s a part of a Tantra Retreat of 2-plus days you are doing with your partner, or alone.  It may be that you wish to add in a Sound Healing session, or a guided meditation, or to experience a Tantra session in Nature.  (as I’m working on my website I’ll be elaborating on possibilities, but please call me with any questions etc in the meantime!)