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.....Sophia is an amazingly educated, intelligent, caring, soulful and most beautiful teacher and guide as you will ever find.

Sophia's focus, sharing of her gifts from many years of education and immersive trainings in numerous locales around the globe, analysing your specific wants, needs, wishes and goals is uncanny and rarely found these days in our world inundated by information electronically spewed out of the web.

 I immediately felt more comfortable sharing my inner most thoughts, concerns, personal life obstacles, and target end goal with Sophia, than anyone else ever in my lifetime, and this over several extended phone conversations, even before we met in person on my arrival in Maui and our first day Energy Clearing session and Sacred Nature Adventure.

You cannot be with Sophia without feeling the utter Peace, Love, Soulful caring and Joy she exudes. She is laser -focused on the principals and practice of Tantric living, non-judgmental and positive direction in everyday life, a highly skilled coach who conveys practical thoughts, feelings, exercises and guidelines while escorting you on the awe -inspiring Tantra journey.

Sophia facilitated absolute sensual bliss and truly out of body life -altering experiences via her exquisite healing touch, heartfelt caring and unwavering dedication to spreading the virtues of the Tantric Arts to those open minded individuals looking for new positive frontiers in their continuing life journey.

I highly recommend that anyone who can allot the time to take an extended "Deep Dive Tantric Journey" with Sophia and make the commitment. As you will find that it to be not only time and money well spent, but a positive re-direction in your life that will live with you for many years to come. 

Mark McGee, Illionis. august 2019

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