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Testimonial continued .....

....from the first hug to the last I have never felt more safe, loved, honored. Greeting us with open arms and her amazing open heart, we dove in......As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, between this and my wife's recent affair I had huge trust issues. From the first time I found Sophia's web site, I read every single word she has written and what others were saying about her, and I decided to reach out. There was something in her words and eyes that made me feel safe with her. There was just something about the way she spoke to my heart with her written words. From the first conversation on the phone I "just knew" this was what we were looking for. 

After having in-depth conversations with both of us separately to learn about us and our needs, we happily opened to Sophia's guidance and what she recommended for us, and made our decision to go to Maui and spend 5 days with her. From the first hug to the last I have never felt more safe, loved, honored. Greeting us with open arms and her amazing open heart, we dove in.

Sophia asked some deep questions that no one has ever asked us before, and this had the effect of helping us to dive deep inside and to see and understand unhelpful patterns and ways of being that had kept us apart. We learned and experienced the power of communicating with each other with transparency, and we discovered the power of speaking it out loud. This started the healing and emotions flowing. 

Our overwhelming feeling from the start of our retreat with Sophia was one of comfort, of trust, the feeling of being Home. We felt hope. We felt Sophia's energy, spirit, her non-judgmentalness, and acceptance. Sophia has such an amazing way of truly understanding what our very souls are crying out. When she floats across the room and sings with what can only be described as the voice of an angel, you have no choice but to truly believe everything will be alright. Sophia does not just work with one thing. She addresses multiple levels. It is tantra and energy and therapy and integration and humor and realness. Amidst it all, there is so much laughter and real joy. 

Near the start of our retreat, we both received individual sessions with Sophia. She helped us find and connect with our inner children, and performed energy clearings (neither of us had ever experienced these before). The effects of these were beyond powerful and transformative. We both felt we had released a great weight, and found ourselves letting go of apprehensions, doubts and fears, and feeling inner peace and joy. As we awakened into deeper connection and intimacy with each other, we felt positivity overwhelmed with Love, honor, respect. Sophia masterfully and lovingly guided us in a very clear and understandable tantra training where she made 100% certain that we not only understood and carried out the practices; but were integrating them into our day to day lives.

Towards the last part of the retreat, Sophia skillfully guided us on a totally secluded nature experience into the deep rain forest of Maui to a very sacred waterfall where she continued to instill a new freedom for living into us. Here, under the waterfall, we shouted out loudly what we were releasing from our lives and called out to the universe our intentions for our new joyful life as we swam in the lake. Following this, at another point on our nature adventure, Sophia led us in a sacred ceremony where we spoke our love for each other and our intentions for moving forward in our lives together in this new and beautiful way.

We are on our way home now with a real zest for life, and a true, intimate connection with each other. We are not only going to practice in our Sacred Space, but integrate our new tantric way of life into every aspect of our lives, with our children, our friends and the stranger passing us on the street. We are ready to say YES to life! We have already set up two more sessions with our angel Sophia and we both know with our heart of hearts that she is a part of our lives both this one and the next. 

So if you are at a point in your life that the grey is too grey and your heart is cold, call her. If your JOY is just not that joyful anymore, call her. If you want to stand on top of that mountain and scream YES!!!! to living a life, then call her.

James and Kate Glenn

Arborist and Marketing Leader

Treasure Valley, Idaho.

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