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Sophia assists so many people to transform their lives

What People Say....

 My 10 day retreat. (Aug.2019)... what I thought would be a once in a lifetime event, far surpassed that expectation and evolved into a truly Life Changing and re-focusing Life Altering Experience! I personally plan to schedule another 10 day 'Deep Dive" retreat with Sophia next Summer and years to follow.. Sophia is an amazingly educated, intelligent, caring, soulful and most beautiful teacher and guide as you will ever more....

"...Honored to have been in her presence

I was masterfully guided through a time of a deep and profound life awakening experience . Sophia Jewel breathed new life into my soul.

My whole being was reborn through her gentle spirit and energy...."

"... This was by far more beautiful than any of the other tantra sessions I have had. .."

"...I was enriched beyond words and will return to receive her tenderness and healing touch..."

"...Sophia is a true master.." DD, Maui"Y

..."I can't even describe where to begin… I felt like I entered a whole other world outside of the confusing world that we live in now.

Jewel took me on what I would describe as a roller coaster ride through different channels - different emotions, and different feelings came up over and over until my whole body completely lost count of time and for the first time in my life I felt a connection to who I really am, and what I really feel."

"I know now that I will perform better with my partner and was able to learn self-control."

"What an amazing experience with a wonderful truthful goddess!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for the most incredible and wonderful two hours of my adult life"

"Your ability to be so incredibly present and loving and welcoming of everything that I came up with, both positive and negative, created a space for that allowing and brought me to a very deep level of opening and a tremendous deepening has happened in me after this weekend. What an amazing gift. How can I thank you enough? "


 " I thought I knew what touch, feeling, intimacy and love were, but that was before I met you. Your tender and loving ways took me to a place I'd never been before"

.."was on the verge of a breakthrough, yet knew there was some resistance – due to your passion and strength of holding safe space I was able to dive in and release. I do so appreciate your channel of divine through out the process – also very powerful and helped me to go deeper. Deep gratitude for your loving compassion, authenticity and integrity". P.C

" I felt so relaxed, secure, understood and loved in your presence. All of the current stress and unhappiness in my life disappeared as soon as I entered your temple and looked in your eyes. You held me with a tenderness and caring I'd never known before". 

 " I remain stunned by the gifts that you gave me. I'd never before experienced such peace as I did with you."

"I have just finished what is without a doubt the most amazing three days of my life on a beautiful retreat with Goddess Jewel. I feel like I went a way and came back a new person. I would not have believed the changes I feel were possible. I felt adrift on the sea, bouts of hopelessness, depression. I feel a lot more light, like I have been cleared out. I feel different. I feel like I have got something that is going to help me. This is the next level, beyond the struggle. I feel more hopeful than I have felt for a long time."

"This morning, after our session last night, I feel more alive, aware and whole than I've felt in years. I owe this different sense of being to you. In many ways, it is as if you are still with me. Thank you, Jewel, for all of the light and love you gave me. You are a true treasure and I am eternally in your debt. I hope my words can be used to bring more awareness to others of your healing ways. "

" I took immeasurable pleasure from your unconditional acceptance and love of me. It felt like something approaching true joy and bliss".

  "You taught me that sex was not an end in and of itself, but an important part of a larger spiritual reality that binds us all."

"Jewel's unwavering tenderness keeps me feeling safe while opening so deeply and I always feel honored and validated. I am so grateful for Jewel and the unique and gifted work she does. She is a very special person and is unmatched in providing a special service that is a key component to my healing and transformative process." AB

"We connected in a deep and meaningful way that I would have thought impossible."   

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