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Maui HawaiiTantra Love and Intimacy

"..You cannot be with Sophia without feeling the transmission of the utter Peace, Love, Soulful caring and Joy she exudes...."              Mark McGee, Illionis 


Welcome to my Maui Tantra Temple of the Sacred Sexual Arts. I invite you as a couple, a woman or a man to expand into deeper intimacy, joy, bliss, love, peace and passion through the profound exploration of Tantric Sacred Sexuality. It's time to experience sexuality and sensuality as the truly sacred art-form it really is, and I can show you how! Please accompany me on a soul-satisfying, sensual, fun and meaningful journey into the Great Mystery through the medium of the delightful erotic senses! 

As a dedicated and experienced Tantrika, and a Certified Tantra Educator from Source School of Tantra, it is my great passion and my gift to assist you through private tantric intimacy coaching to deepen and enhance your experience of each moment whatever that may be for you. Through simple but powerful tantric practices, you'll learn to use your sexual energy for increased intimacy, peace and harmony in your life, to open your heart and to become more the lover you want to be. In the opening of your channels of love you discover and deepen your erotic potential and your heart connection.

 I extend to you my heart-filled love and acceptance as I share this deep time with you to drop fully into the present moment and surrender into bliss through the sacred  healing Maui Tantra offers. Allow me to show you the way to let go of the daily grind, to take precious time out of ordinary time, and be thoroughly seen, respected, honored and enjoyed as the powerful Divine Sexual and Sensual Being you are!   

As a trained, qualified and experienced counselor and therapist, and one who has also done her own deep healing inner work over multiple years, I am able to provide a safe, nurturing container within which every aspect of who you are is welcomed, celebrated and embraced, just as you are. Being held, loved and nurtured, I assist you to release that which no longer serves your highest and best good, and to heal and open into your deep erotic , heart-connected, juicy alive true soul.  

 Expanding into the fullness of our true Divine Self through bringing together sex with heart and spirit is our birthright as living beings. Ecstatic maui tantra is a Path that frees us from our outmoded self-imposed , protective defensive emotional shackles to live with more joy and radiant aliveness in each moment. We can no longer feel or think small for the Universe is calling us forward to step into our immensity of Spirit - now!

Our time together unfolds uniquely depending on your needs, wishes and desires as well as how our energies run together. I am always fully present with you, giving you my absolute attention in every moment. When we are together, we enter into an expanded reality where nothing else exists. We take 'time out of time'.

  There is no agenda or prescribed format for our time together - I simply flow with, and follow the energy that is present for you, for me and between us. In this way, our time together will reveal itself as it moves along as to where it wants to go.


About Sophia Jewel


I am a mature and beautiful Irish woman who was born in Ireland and grew up in England. My training, knowledge and expertise in the Sacred Sexual Arts expands over 30 years and I bring to you my best gifts honed during my long and dedicated journey.


I am a Certified Tantric Educator through Source School of Tantra, a Licenced Massage Therapist, and a Licenced Psychotherapist (UK). I am a student of Ecstatic Dance, of meditation and of yoga, a Certified Sound Healer and Energy Healer. 

I am a devotee of Mother Earth -she is my greatest ally and guide in all that I bring forth in healing and in service.  

Things People Say about me and my sessions:

....You did so much for me in a very positive way. I could trust you. You are a special and powerful woman and healer. I’m amazed at the shifts in me. I am drastically changed for the better. No longer the negative black hole I was stuck in. I have shed the depression. I feel hope. I’m amazed. I’m blown away. WB. Chicago

"...Sophia Jewel is the genuine article - a True Master...." David M, Maui

"...Sustained eye contact with an awakened human being is an amazingly powerful tool for connecting with the rich and loving energy of your own true self. At times I cried tears of joy in Jewel's loving embrace as I felt this deep energy...."

"...Just wanted to say mahalo nui for the wonderful time we shared...!! You were amazing... your touch is exquisite, your heart so loving, and spirit ever engaging! Thank you for being so patient and understanding with me, as my issues are frustrating at times, but you made the time fly by, and makes me long for your next visit! ..."

...Looking deeply into Jewel's eyes drew me into a strong state of presence which quickly allowed me to relax into a period of surrender, healing, and love....  

 ... Jewel helped me learn to go deeper into this state of presence than I ever had before. This was especially true during my prostate therapy session. I went into this on a sexual level, hoping to experience an incredible orgasm. As Jewel guided me to relax fully, let go of expectation, and open up deeply to every sensation and feeling in my entire body, I was then able to experience the strong healing energy present within myself. This was a beautiful and liberating realization. Thank you Jewel, for the loving presence you shared with me, Namaste. Alex ...  

...... My first session caused such a profound awakening that I felt compelled to return the very next day...

........You are authentic, strong, sexy and pure.. I can trust you and that means I can let go and surrender in my sessions with you....

.....I have a comfort, ease and sense of safety with you that I cannot believe but I'm beginning to understand that your loving presence and delivery is the vehicle that helps me open to deeper levels of my inner self…

..She is the genuine article,a true master...

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808 283 3880

Osho: "Approach the sex act as if you are approaching the temple of the divine. Approach the sex act as if it is a prayer, as if it is s meditation. Feel the holiness of it."

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