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"..You cannot be with Sophia without feeling the transmission of the utter Peace, Love, Soulful caring and Joy she exudes...."              Mark McGee, Illionis 


Welcome to my Maui Tantra Temple of the Sacred Sexual Arts. I invite you as a couple, a woman or a man to expand into deeper intimacy, joy, bliss, love, peace, pleasure and passion through the profound experiential exploration of Tantric Sacred Sexuality.


Are you are ready to experience sexuality and sensuality as the truly sacred life-transforming art-form it really is?  Then I am delighted to be your Love and Intimacy Guide and show you how!


Please accompany me on a soul-satisfying, sensual, fun and meaningful journey into the Great Mystery through the medium of the sacred erotic states within.


"My time with Sophia created a deep and lasting breakthrough.  She was able to help me heal a core wound which had been blocking me my whole life"  


Andrew Oser 

Life Coach

-                                                                            808 283 3880



Osho: "Approach the sex act as if you are approaching the temple of the divine. Approach the sex act as if it is a prayer, as if it is s meditation. Feel the holiness of it."

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