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The Sacred Feminine Rises  

Sacred Woman in Tree Form

Assisting women to step into our true divine feminine power , to release all that is blocking the way to embodying our wild woman juicy authentic aliveness. It is time for us as women to rise up and liberate ourselves from self-limiting patterns, beliefs and conditioning that many if not all of us have held for a very long time. Having myself deep-dived into much core shame, fear, and darkness within, and mastered ability to surrender into the unknown, I am able to fly with you to the depths of your being and guide you through whatever may arise there. I create sacred space for the depths of your pain, core wounding and trauma to unwind as well as celebrating with you the joy and laughter that arises in the face of healing and liberation from pain.

I hold a very safe container of absolute acceptance , compassion, empathy and unconditional love into which all that you are ready to release and let go of on emotional, mental, physical and sexual levels can rise up, be seen, felt, witnessed and dissolved in the light of love.  

I work with you on a one on one basis, and I also hold small groups on occasion. The aspects of our work together one to one may include energy healing, body-work, sexual healing, yoni-mapping, nurturing-holding, counseling, body - movement, sound healing, and voice work (opening and clearing throat chakra blockages) This work is immensely deep and life transforming. Be prepared for big shifts in your life. 

Please call or write to me with any questions or to spend a bit of time with me to explore a way forward, or/and to book a session. I work on line as well as in person. 

I would love to hear from you - 808 283 3880

Sessions are usually 2 hours and upward.

Donation per hour, sliding scale - $220 - $170 dependent on your financial ability. Please talk to me if you would like a session but feel unable to raise the suggested fees. 


 "..Sophia's work is very gentle and loving and she provides a very sacred space. She was able to take me deep and assist me in going to the core of patterns and beliefs and then releasing this from me. I felt like I was in good hands with Sophianada as I recognized that her work is a lifetime of experience, dedication and training in the healing arts."

Trisha P


Sophia guided us through each step in a caring and nonjudgmental way. With Sophia’s assistance and touch, all within in a safe and loving environment, I was able acknowledge and address long-endured trauma. In doing so, I was able to invite the true essence of who I am to join me on the rest of life’s journey. " 

Vickie C, Maui


"Thank you so much for yesterday's session. I feel fantastic (although I was extremely emotionally exhausted yesterday afterwards! - In a good way.). Your gifts are phenomenal!


If you ever have any clients who want to speak to someone about their experiences with you, I'd be happy to chat with them."

 Vickie C  (8/22)


"During my visit on Maui I had a private session with Sophia Jewel. I was a bit unsure and nervous ahead of my first coaching with a woman. Her compassion and kindness as she listened to me and my life story made it very easy to relax and feel comfortable.

To me it is extremely surprising how effective this type of therapy method is. Pieces merged and certain prior experiences made suddenly sense. We were able to dissolve and transform old beliefs and old energies. Afterwards I felt my authentic female strength, which was so powerful. I also know now which direction I need to go, and where I need to stimulate and expand.

The session with Sophia Jewel is a very important piece on my path. I already feel some impact in my present life. And I am joyfully looking forward how it will continue.  

Christine, Switzerland

"Dear Jewel, thank you for my widening heart, for helping me to open more to the divine light. The gift you gave me in guiding me how to love myself more deeply and fully will be with me for the rest of my life. This retreat with you has truly changed my life and helped to awaken me to my purpose in this life. I am so grateful to you for your ability to be present with whatever is happening, for creating a vibrant and light-filled, safe sacred space, and for welcoming me – whatever I am and reassuring me it is ‘just right’. My heart is filled with gratitude for you. I had only dreamed this much joy is possible. Now I am living it." HC

Please don't hesitate to call me if you'd like to talk and know more. 808 283 3880

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