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Ecstatic Masculine Sessions & Retreats

          Aloha and a Warm Welcome

I am offering to you a warm and sincere invitation to dive in and surrender into the loving and tender embrace of the  embodiment of the Divine Feminine Essence.  I invite you to join me on a journey into Love and wholeness . I assist your Emotional, Sexual Spiritual Self to ignite and emerge fully into your most expansive and pleasurable experience in this Now Moment.

  Experiential Tantra on line $110-$220
Sophia Jewel, with peace and love

 Ecstatic Tantra Session For Men                                               

Male Prostate Therapy 

 Once your body feels thoroughly relaxed, loved , pampered and massaged, and your Spirit feels nourished and met, we bring the focus to the first and second chakras. Massaging gently and expertly, I connect digitally with the Prostate, intuitively attuning to, and addressing the subtle energies which may be calling for attention, healing or/and just pure unadulterated Pleasure! 

The Prostate gland in a man can be an extremely erotic and spiritually and sexually-charged gland when it is healthy, strong and nurtured. It is also a place that emotional trauma from the past can be unconsciously held, and which subsequently results in poor health and disease of the Prostate in later life for many men.  

For all these reasons, care and massage of the Prostate can heal your past, bring great sexual pleasure and enhance your life. It is nourishing, healing and deeply erotic.

Significantly in these turbulent times, the prostate is also known to be an energetic access point for the movement of the 'Kundalini' which, when fully activated, leads one to higher states of consciousness and enlightenment and thus, Freedom.

Eye contact and Conscious Presence along with my expert stimulation are used to heal trauma and clear any old or negative imprinting. 

Old childhood issues such as sexual abuse, feelings of rejection and abandonment, and hurt from past relationships can arise during this session, and through loving presence and attention, can be totally healed and leave the body and soul in greater harmony and peace to go forward.  

 You may find yourself feeling deeply emotional, with tears, laughter and everything in between, or deeply sexual with full-body orgasm, or both -togther or at different times. All and everything is welcomed! Throughout all, I journey alongside you, and hold you in deep love, respect and tenderness, creating a vortex of Divine Feminine Healing Essence to meet you wherever you are and bring you Home to higher levels of wholeness.

 1 Hour 30 mins (minimum time needed)-$400

2 Hours  -                                                       $500

3 hours -                                                          $760

Sacred Bath & Massage Ceremony

(when bath available)

As your body gratefully melts into a hot mineral bath, surrounded by candlelight, soft music and beautiful scents, you will feel your worries and cares dissolve away along with my gentle devotional washing and massaging of your body, whilst singing softly to you. As you bring awareness to your breath, breathing gently and rythmically, you will align and balance your chakras and feel your heart softening and opening. Only when you are feeling outrageously pampered, loved and deliciously'ready' and open, will we move onto the next part of the session.

2 hours - $440

There is never any rushing!

"....for the first time in my life I felt a connection to who I really am, and what I really feel..."  

"....Sophia breathed new life into my soul. My whole being was reborn through her gentle spirit and energy..."

You can call me on 808 283 3880

This session is hands-on and experiential. We meet together in the Sacred Space of my Tantric Temple. I meet you exactly where you are at on your journey, and I take you deeper and higher, gently and lovingly and with absolute acceptance of who you are in each unfolding moment.


In this way our energies together create a 'meeting that matters', that is, a safe haven to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to allow the spontaneous dissolving of blocks and resistence that may be getting in the way of living a life which is more joyful, fulfilled and with a lessening of energies like anxiety, stress and fear.


The session is about connecting, both to yourself, and from that place of self connection, to other. It's unique to each person's needs and wants: it can be juicy and fun, as well as deep, inspiring and intimate.


There will be sensual touch and massage which awakens and stimulates the erotic senses. There may be Eye-Gazing, conscious use of breath in particular ways that activate the high tantric energies, and there is healing erotic touch, and what I call the 'The Touch of Love' , bound to melt you to your bones and beyond!


During the session I will reveal to you powerful tantric secrets which also will be practiced during the session. You will be able to continue to practice these tantric skills right away.

Man rising into his true tantric  power

o30 mins/1 hour. Cuddling   (new) 150/200   1 Hour 15 Mins (Taste of Tantra)- $280

1 Hour 30 Mins                                 - $340

2 Hours                                               - $440

3 Hours                                               - $650

4 Hours (deep-diving retreat)       - $840

5 Hours                               -$1050

Golden Buddha bliss

It's great to start this session with a Bath Ceremony consisting of a hot sensual mineral bath to deeply relax, to soften and open the body and activate the Pleasure Receptors, and attune and focus the mind inward.

Dolphins playing together

This is an amazing stress reliever, and an ideal start to any session for someone who works, get stressed out, in highly stressful work and needs to relax, unwind, take time out of ordinary time, and be held, loved and pampered in the arms and heart of the Goddess of Love. 

Luxuriate and renew on a body, heart and soul level, in an extraordinarily relaxing Bath Ceremony. which will bring you quickly to a place of inner peace.   

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