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Ecstatic Tantra Session - in person or by skype

Shiva - Divine Masculine

In this session we meet and connect in a meaningful way that satisfies the heart, body and soul longing we all have for true and loving connection. There may be somatic touch which  deeply relaxes the body and nervous system, and awakens and stimulates the senses. There may be Eye-Gazing, conscious use of breath that activate the high tantric energies, and The Touch of Love' .

You will be able to continue to practice these tantric skills right away to continue to further and deepen your journey.

1 Hour 15 Mins (Taste of Tantra)- $280

1 Hour 30 Mins                                 - $340

2 Hours                                               - $440

3 Hours                                               - $650

4 Hours (deep-diving retreat)       - $840

5 Hours                               -$1050

The longer the session, the deeper you go and the more lasting changes you can anticipate as the tantric energies are anchored into your cellular memory, dissolving away any false beliefs, conditioning, shame and guilt in it's wake.

Tantra Intensives and Intimacy Retreats:

For Couples, Women and Men

I offer 'deep-diving' intensive sessions of 4 upwards hours, and tantra life-transformative retreats involving whole day, weekend, and several days long. Accommodation and food is included, if desired. These transformative retreats take place either at my beautiful Temple retreat center in the gorgeous rain forest of Maui, or at the location of your preference. I am happy to travel to your location so if you are interested, please talk to me about it. These retreats are for men, women and couples, and are private one-on-one or groups.

The Shifting Sands Within You, and Why Diving Deep with Tantra Can Assist

You may well be feeling the energies of the tremendous shift that is taking place on our planet and also in YOU. You may be wondering, with some alarm, what is going on? Why your life as you knew it, and relied upon it remaining so, is not the same any more. May be even feels like it is literally falling apart? You may very well be feeling at times a state of high stress and overwhelm, It can be scary. It is like a volcano slowly but surely erupting and bringing to the surface everything that is just not working in your life and around you. This could be relationships, work, home, family situations or anything and everything else that is not serving our higher good or best interests. But sometimes it just feels like everything that seemed stable is literally disintegrating. In fact, this is not a bad thing, because it is ultimately bringing you to a much more harmonious, peaceful and joyous way of living. But it's a sometimes crazy journey, and when you are right in the middle of it, this can be disturbing and difficult to navigate, and to keep your balance in your life.

We are at a powerful time of unrest and transformation on the planet, and often this translates into our personal lives. Please allow me to assist and support you through the art of tantra and using the pleasure principle to make this challenging time into a more joyous, exciting, energizing, intimate, loving and rewarding journey.

All private retreats and deep -diving experiences are designed with your unique needs, wishes and desires at the center of planning. Donations range from $800 upwards.

Costa Rica Shiva

Blessings and Love on your Journey 

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