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Peace in Presence

About Sophia Jewel

Sophia has trained and served extensively in a diverse range of  the Healing Arts for more than 35+ years,  studying in Europe , India and Internationally.  She is a Certified Tantra Educator with Source School of Tantra.  She is a Registered Counselor (UK), Certified Child Play Therapist(UK), Certified Sound Healer and Voice Alchemist, Shamanic Energy Worker, Licensed Massage Therapist  (hawaii) and a long-time dedicated practitioner of Conscious Communication (NVC).

Sophianada is a potent healer and catalyst for sexual, emotional and  physical  transformation. She is poignantly aligned with the frequency of Love as THE healing force to bring all things Home to Wholeness.

She brings to her work a rich and unique alchemy of personal experience and professional expertise.   Her exceptionally open loving heart, spiritual wisdom, authenticity, presence and fun-loving spirit which is a result which comes from her own profound inner healing journey ,enables her to hold a  deep, safe, nurturing  and dynamically alive container for the healing and transformation of others, whilst  always continuing to evolve and learn herself. 

Sophia believes passionately that her own personal healing journey is the most powerful and essential tool that she brings to her work. This is the foundation from which she facilitates and she continues to grow and learn.

Born in Kilkenny, Southern Ireland to Irish parents and a long line of Irish ancestors, Sophia's family left that country when she was age four to migrate to England where she then spent the remainder of her growing years.  She experienced her childhood as being extremely traumatic, with emotional and sexual abuse being an ongoing part of it.  As a consequence of the resulting deep emotional pain she experienced, she was catapulted into her own personal healing journey as a young adult.   Subsequently, her dedicated immersion in her spiritual, sexual and emotional healing over a great number of years has deepened into a place of core wholeness, inner peace, joy and sovereignty.

Tanra Love

Sophia's comprehensive mastery as a multi-faceted healer ,and her depth of insight and capacity to work with trauma , is a direct result of a life-long journey of her own dedicated self- healing on spiritual, sexual and emotional levels.  She is dedicated to helping all those who are seeking permanent freedom from self-limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviours. As a long-time spiritual deep-diver who is adept at holding a loving and safe container,  she creates sacred space she is able to fly with you to the depths of your being and guide you through whatever may arise there.


Sophia  herself first dipped a tentative toe into her own personal Tantric sexual healing journey in 1990 in England .  She immediately discovered the incredible depth of healing  and joy that was  so readily accessible through the modality of Tantra on all levels, sexuality, emotionally and spiritually.   Right from the start she dove in enthusiastically and thoroughly, studying  and practicing, healing and learning , for many years.   In 2001 she undertook a comprehensive training and became a Certified.Tantra Educator.

Sophia feels grateful and blessed to live on the North shore on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii for the past 23 years.  Here she has a private practice supporting women, men and couples , offering sacred sexuality sessions and  life-transforming retreats, energy healing, sound healing, conscious nature journeys and couples and singles counseling. 

Sophia's big loves:  Ecstatic Dance,  Singing,  Meditating, Real Connection with others, Intimacy (in-to-me-see), and above all, Lover of Nature where she spends much time wandering, exploring and deeply communing with the elements of Nature and animals.  She enjoys a life of full expression, authenticity and love with a wonderful community of friends. 

Back in England, Sophia has two lovely daughters, and four grandchildren.

To discuss your needs or make appointment call 808 283 3880
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