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Intuitive Energy Healing - sessions offered by skype, phone or in person

Healing is liberating

Have you ever found yourself behaving in old familiar patterns, following old habits and addictions, saying or doing certain things that you really know are not serving you, or that make you feel unhappy, stuck, insecure, yet, seemingly unable to stop?

We all carry beliefs and draw conclusions that originate from our past. They come from our childhood experience and conditioning, and are very often carried through from past lives. We draw conclusions from our experiences, some of which may be tramatic, scary, abusive, overwhelming in some way, and we create 

patterns and ways of being that help us to feel more in control and more safe. This works in our favor when we are small children and need to survive. However, when we become adults, these same patterns that protected us now become a burden and a block to our self fulfillment, our personal growth, our relationships with ourself and others, and our ability to live joyfully and to our fullest potential. Because these patterns, addictions, limiting ways of being are largely unconscious, it’s easy to keep on doing the same thing that keeps us stuck. And it’s really hard to break free, especially because some of this stuff is so deeply entrenched.  

My Intuitive Energy healing will not only heal, but permanently dissolve these outworn patterns, releasing you and leaving you free to move forward with a bigger YES to life, and the ability to reach your full potential with a heightened sense of inner peace and freedom. As I work intuitively in clearing your energy field of blockages, you will feel the repairing and rebalancing actually happening. This work is very powerful so you need to be ready for powerful change!

Are You Ready?

I can help you with….

Nervous anxiety





Sexual abuse

C o-dependency



... and any and all patterns, beliefs, behaviours that are keeping you stuck and less than happy and peaceful in any way. I'll be honored to work with you.

Frequencies Rising as blockages released

An energy healing session can take place as a part of a tantra session/retreat and, or sacred nature adventure It's a powerful and liberating way to begin any tantra or other session, to release what's right there ready to be released, enabling you then to go even deeper on your journey.  

Many clients also schedule on Energy Healing as a stand alone session. This can take place in person, or by zoom or telephone : 1 Hour = $175

As in all my healing sessions, when we work together, you’ll feel a sense of being deeply held in a container of safety and love. I will gently guide you, and journey alongside you to possibly difficult or scary places as we dive deep together. Layer by layer false pathways will dissolve and you will come to live and relate from your pristine Truth of deep peace, Love and Light.  

If you would like to find out more, and talk with me, please give me a call on 808 283 3880. I do offer a FREE 20 minute consult!

What people say about sessions with me:

"I found my session with Sophianada to be deeply transformative. I was impressed on how clear and intuitive her channeling is, how swiftly she tuned into a deep core wound that remained hidden, and affected my whole life. She saw the blockages, she named them, she understood the emotional intricacies involved, and with a visionary clarity unravel the knot.

 I was amazed to experience how very gently she dissolved long held resistances, and in a short lapse I felt clear and refreshed, embodying a new version of myself. It was an extraordinary and beautiful experience.

I came out feeling transformed and revitalized. I also gained important clarity regarding these events, and a powerful new awareness of the inner work necessary for me to transform patterns of fear or sorrow, into fountains of love.

Thank you Sophianada, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity of experiencing your healing work. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants transformation, and powerful insights into their inner life."

Marisela Bracho, Artist and Healer, Maui, Hi

"I have had three clearing sessions with Sophianada recently and each one brought me to a deeper level of understanding of the situations at hand, what lay behind them and afterwards a sense of profound freedom from the issues being cleared. She works with only the very highest energies of the Creator's Light and with deep compassion and love for her clients.

Sophinada and I have worked together extensively over the years with each other and each time I felt great work had been accomplished and I was one step closer to being free of my past beliefs, contracts, cords, patterns, and past life influences that I was unable to release and clear fully without her expertise "seeing" what was the problem and where it originated. 

I can thoroughly recommend a clearing session with Sophianada, she is truly gifted at what she does, and I am so grateful to call her my friend and to share this evolutionary journey with her.

Aloha, and Mahalo nut loa dear Sophianada. "

Susan Michele Moll

“I had two energy clearing sessions with Sophianada and I have a stronger sense of myself. I have discovered that many of the barriers that I previously found to be limiting me , are no longer there now. Thanks to the clearing work with Sophianada I have found in myself a greater willingness to use opportunities that are available to me. She has great healing gifts and skills which she uses in accessible and effective ways. I have no reservation about recommending Sophianada to anyone looking for a good soul retrieval practitioner”

Tony Butcher, Bristol, UK

“My experience of sophianada's pristine and powerful energy clearing has been a tremendous help for me during a prolonged journey of physical, mental and emotional stress. Her visionary abilities are profound and deeply accurate, as my intuition matched up with each step during her guided clearing. I’m very grateful for the compassion, wisdom and insight she shared as she cleared and unraveled from a place of loving presence. I feel deeply transformed. The unravelling is still going on. Your mastery is immeasurable ”

Anon, Maui

“I have now had six energy clearings with Sophianada and after each one, I’ve experienced the results as palpable and very positive.

The clearings are helping me to make the changes that I have been wanting to make for a long time now but have been too frozen to do. I now able to take the action steps towards my goals with more ease and productivity.

I am feeling a marked shift in my sense of inner peace and calm, compassion and self love, and an absence of my previously relentless inner critic. This is huge! I feel freer, lighter, positively energized and more enthusiastic about life. There is a definite shift from feeling emotionally overwhelmed and to emotional equanimity.

I am extremely relieved and grateful and am so very happy to have found this work and Sophianada. Working with her is a pleasure. I find her to be kind, emotionally warm, compassionate, tuned in and present , and at the same time, very professional in her approach, efficient in her use of our time, and easy to communicate with. She is clearly gifted and masterfully skilled in her healing work with people, and is conscientious and earnest in her passion for this work. I recommend her highly to anyone who is suffering with long held inner pain, who wants to accelerate their growth, transformation and well being, who wants to lead a more positive and productive life.”

Priya Rackoff, Dance and Movement Therapist, CA

"very beautiful, powerful, amazing clearing. thank you so much. Lots of tears and prayers. Grateful. Big time. Very deep transforming going on. still unravelling"

Marie R.

" I wanted to thank you for all of the clearings and support you provided last year. I have learned so much from your perspective and your amazing clearings.

As a healer, you are supportive and I feel so safe with you. I have always felt your presence holding a safe, sacred space for my own deep exploration. You have a way of describing the unraveling and tracking you are doing that informs and yet allows me to have my own experience. I always feel different after a clearing with you, and I know that I am changed, and my Light is shining brighter after one of our sessions. Thank you."

Deana Stevens, California

“Sophianada’s work is very gentle and loving and she provides a very sacred space. She was able to take me deep and assist me in going to the core of patterns and beliefs and then releasing this from me. I felt like I was in good hands with Sophianada as I recognized that her work is a lifetime of experience, dedication and training in the healing arts.”

Paul Carver

“I was on the verge of a breakthrough, yet knew there was some resistance – due to your passion and strength of holding safe space I was able to dive in and release. I do so appreciate your channel of divine throughout the process – also very powerful and helped me to go deeper. Deep gratitude for your loving compassion, authenticity, and integrity.”

HP, Maui, Hawaii

“Sophianada works at the heart and soul level of the individual where she lovingly and gently guides one into the core of their issues with her highly intuitive nature. S offers a safe and sacred atmosphere to be able to heal and move through even the most difficult of places. I found her work to be profound, deep and transformative.”

Victoria Sikirdji, Chinese Herbalist and Perfumist, Maui

“I just received another healing with Sophianada and am feeling so full and complete. Her powerful and gentle spirit guided me into such a loving and safe space that I was able to go deeply into long-held beliefs that were not serving my highest good and evolution. Through her intuitive awareness, she knew how to get to the heart of the matter at its deepest level and then take me even deeper. In the depth, I felt her loving presence and found the courage to let go, honor and heal what no longer served me. I would encourage all who want to be free from beliefs that inhibit their evolution to seek out her loving gentle spirit and come once again into their own power.”

Lynette Howe, Maui

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