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Male  Prostate Therapy 

Maui Tantra Prostate Therapy

It's great to start this Maui tantra session with a Bath Ceremony (when bath available) consisting of a hot sensual mineral bath to deeply relax, to soften and open the body and activate the Pleasure Receptors, and attune and focus the mind inward . 

 Once your body feels thoroughly relaxed, loved , pampered and massaged, and your Spirit feels nourished and met, we bring the focus to the first and second chakras. With soft  tantra sacred touch I massage gently and expertly ,connecting digitally with the Prostate, and intuitively attuning to, and addressing the subtle energies which may be calling for attention, healing or/and just pure unadulterated Pleasure! 

The Prostate gland in a man can be an extremely erotic and spiritually and sexually-charged gland when it is healthy, strong and nurtured. It is also a place that emotional trauma from the past can be held, and which subsequently results in poor health and disease of the Prostate in later life for many men.  

For all these reasons, care and massage of the Prostate can heal your past, bring great sexual pleasure and enhance your life. It is nourishing, healing and deeply erotic.

Significantly in these turbulent times, the prostate is also known to be an energetic access point for the movement of the 'Kundalini' which, when fully activated, leads one to higher states of consciousness and enlightenment and thus, Freedom.

Eye contact and Conscious Presence along with my expert stimulation are used to heal trauma and clear any old or negative imprinting. 

Old childhood issues such as sexual abuse, feelings of rejection and abandonment, and hurt from past relationships can arise during this session, and through loving presence and attention, can be totally healed and leave the body and soul in greater harmony and peace to go forward.  

 You may find yourself feeling deeply emotional, with tears, laughter and everything in between, or deeply sexual with full-body orgasm, or both -togther or at different times. All and everything is welcomed! Throughout all, I journey alongside you, and hold you in deep love, respect and tenderness, creating a vortex of Divine Feminine Healing Essence to meet you wherever you are.  

1 Hour 30 mins (minimum time needed)-$400

2 Hours    -                                                       $500

3 Hours -                                                          $760

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