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Sacred Bath & Massage Ceremony

(when bath available)

This is an amazing stress reliever, and an ideal start to any session for someone who works, get stressed out, in highly stressful work and needs to relax, unwind, take time out of ordinary time, and be held, loved and pampered in the arms and heart of the Goddess of Love.

Luxuriate and renew on a body, heart and soul level, in an extraordinarily relaxing Bath Ceremony. which will bring you quickly to a place of inner peace.   

As your body gratefully melts into a hot mineral bath, surrounded by candlelight, soft music and beautiful scents, you will feel your worries and cares dissolve away along with my gentle devotional washing and massaging of your body, whilst singing softly to you. As you bring awareness to your breath, breathing gently and rythmically, you will align and balance your chakras and feel your heart softening and opening. Only when you are feeling outrageously pampered, loved and deliciously 'ready' and open, will we move onto the next part of the session.

2 hours - $440

There is never any rushing!

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